Interview with Ethan Tarshish:Creator of “Woe is Oz”

I had the pleasure to sit down and talk with up-and-coming comic sensation,Ethan Tarshish,about a new project of his that has been gaining notoriety:a new comic book series called Woe is Oz. Ethan is the writer and a major part of the brainchild behind the new comic. [...]

Danny Pesis:Man of Mystery

Best Friends for Life (and two random girls that didn't sign release waivers)

Our Mothers used to say that when Danny and I were younger we were attached at the hip. But really there was just that one time with that industrial strength super glue that they will not let us live down. I [...]

Ed Williams:IPhone App Developer

I had my pencil and paper handy.

Recently there has been a new fad happening in the mobile telephone industry. The fad is the Apple iPhone. If you spoke to Mr. Ed Williams,you would likely believe me when I told you the “i”in iPhone stands for inventive. Of course [...]