DraftStreet:A New Type of Fantasy Sports

This post is for my readers that play fantasy sports.

About 3 years ago,one of my best friends,Mark Nerenberg came up with a revolutionary idea that would undoubtedly change the way people bet on fantasy sports forever.

I remember the day like it was yesterday. Mark and I were driving out to Canterbury [...]


Someone I have the pleasure of knowing personally created a new website,and it’s called LegalLanding.com.

The site is a pretty simple idea,but it sounds like it will be quite complex on the back-end. It’s powered by the same technology as Wikipedia,and the site aims to be a comprehensive ever-growing legal tool for [...]

Interview with Ethan Tarshish:Creator of “Woe is Oz”

I had the pleasure to sit down and talk with up-and-coming comic sensation,Ethan Tarshish,about a new project of his that has been gaining notoriety:a new comic book series called Woe is Oz. Ethan is the writer and a major part of the brainchild behind the new comic. [...]