Danny Pesis:Man of Mystery

Best Friends for Life (and two random girls that didn't sign release waivers)

Best Friends for Life (and two random girls that didn't sign release waivers)

Our Mothers used to say that when Danny and I were younger we were attached at the hip. But really there was just that one time with that industrial strength super glue that they will not let us live down. I always have the highest regard for Danny and tell everyone I meet that he is one of the smartest,most gifted,funniest person with a human tail I have ever met. Danny worked as a consultant right after graduating from UW-Madison. More recently,with the economy in the pooper and the need for consultants greatly decreasing,Danny looked for opportunity elsewhere. He found a company,created by our mutual friend Brent Gensler,that sold great products for far cheaper than any competitors. He has since partnered up with our friend Brent in an exciting new adventure,known as defysupply.com. I luckily had the opportunity to ask him some questions about his new endevour,the interview can be read below.

Uncle Benjie (UB): How did you end up with defysupply.com?

Danny Pesis (DP): It’s a funny story actually,in the heart of the cold,dark Chicago winter I learned that my corporate consulting job was laying me off.  I grew depressed and dreary.  In my frail state,I was offered a job by DefySupply.  As I recall this story,it doesn’t seem all that funny.

UB: What is your specific job title at the company and what do you do on a regular day?

DP: Generic Entry Level Employee 1.  It’s a humbling title,but on a daily basis I work with our shippers,handle customer relations,email our China representatives and try to use my industrial/systems background to creatively improve our operations.  I think it would make a great running sitcom.

UB: What exactly could anyone find good about defysupply.com and how are you and the founder going to keep it from sucking?

DP:By working working hard to keep our prices down.  The DefySupply business model is structured to achieve low prices by working directly with manufacturers,cutting out the middle man and keeping operating costs low.  For this to happen we need to keep improving our fulfillment but it seems to be working so far.  If you search Google,for example,for “Acrylic Bar Stools,”18 of the 20 lowest priced bar stools are DefySupply products.

UB:I heard you have some Bolivian children you got via shipment from an orphanage in New Mexico,and they build all the furniture and other merchandise DefySupply sells. Can you prove to me this is not true in 5 words?

DP: That is entirely untrue. TheorphanageisinMontana.

UB: Did you have to take a pay cut for this new job? If yes,what other incentives did you have?
DP: I’m sure your readers I don’t want to hear about my compensation arrangement.  Instead let me tell you about a great History Channel Documentary I recently watched.  It’s called The Presidents and profiles America’s history through the eyes of each Commander in Chief. Did you know that William Henry Harrison gave the longest Presidential acceptance speech in American history of 2 hours.  He gave the speech without a jacket in January,and subsequently developed a cold which turned into a fatal case of pneumonia.  He died 31 days after after being elected President.  What was the original question again?
UB: Spoken like a true whatever it is that you are. My next question may be somewhat controversial to pro-choice advocates:When you are drinking on the job,what is your drink of choice?

DP: Coffee in the morning,Vitiman Water or water in the afternoon.

UB: If you had to give a number between 5 and 10 to describe how many women you have gotten to sleep with you by telling them you are working for an eCommerce website start-up,how many would you say?

DP: 8 or 9…. or even 10

UB: I’ve heard you guys can get all sorts of things from Asia. Do people ever order things from the your site that are really hard to get? Like a Cheetah? Or a child with a tail?
DP: Rarely.
UB: What else can you tell us about DefySupply.com?

DP: I can tell you that I’m very optimistic about the potential.  The desks,chairs,mattresses,bar stools and other products we stock are of very high quality.  This month I am going to visit our manufacturers in China to work on shorten delivery times.  Recently,we’ve had some nice reviews and interest from the media but this interview is our most appreciated publicity.

UB: What is your favorite JustBenjie.com post?
DP: I’ve known you since we were 4 and have always appreciated everything Benjie.  If I had to narrow it down to one era,I’d point to your BiggestCrap.com material.  It will be very hard to top the BC summit but I know you will.  To me BiggestCrap.com is to Benjie,as the BIG was to Tom Hanks.  Classic but I have a feeling the best is yet to come.

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