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DraftStreet:A New Type of Fantasy Sports

This post is for my readers that play fantasy sports.

About 3 years ago,one of my best friends,Mark Nerenberg came up with a revolutionary idea that would undoubtedly change the way people bet on fantasy sports forever.

I remember the day like it was yesterday.  Mark and I were driving out to Canterbury Park in Shakopee,MN,on our way to play some 8/16 Texas Holdem.  Mark said he had come up with an idea he really liked but he wasn’t sure how it would in practice.  The idea was simple on its face,yet quite complex:  betting on fantasy sports for a given night or week as opposed to a full season.  Short term fantasy sports betting with complete strangers (the free market).  It came as no surprise to me that Mark came up with an idea like this,since he loves betting and fantasy sports.  Over the years,Mark had created all sorts of new ways to bet on fantasy sports with his friends,and now this was the next logical step.  As we talked through the idea more,it became evident that he was on to something fantastic.  Mark envisioned his idea functioning similar to one of the poker website’s platform that we had come to know very well during our college years (think Party Poker,Full Tilt,and Absolute Poker).

Over the next three years,Mark was able to surround himself with the right people to bring his idea out of his head and into a working prototype.  Mark is a very mathematical,statistical,and logical thinker,but this project would need more than just his abilities if he was going to see it through to fruition.  After a lot of effort and endless hours spent alone in his Chicago apartment working out the kinks and adjusting for little sports subtleties only a fantasy fanatic would pick up on,the site finally launched.

The website describes itself as an “innovative fantasy sports website with a twist.”  It goes on to pinpoint the most fun aspect of fantasy sports:The Draft.  “Drafting a fantasy team is the most fun,difficult,and rewarding part of the fantasy season. Too bad it only happens once at the beginning of the season.”

That was until Mark created his revolutionary new website!  The site,,offers daily and weekly fantasy leagues with some interesting formats.  It allows people to compete against players outside their immediate circle of friends anytime they want.

The site also boasts that it has created innovative draft structures along with the most up-to-date news and stats that make selecting a team simple.  In addition to playing for cash prizes,Draft Street also offers free leagues to win great prizes,like league entry fees or merchandise.

Right now they are doing all kinds of fantasy baseball betting,but will have weekly football leagues,too. Think of it like one of those poker sites but solely for fantasy sports,where you can play random people for one day or one week,instead of a whole season.  The site is really unique and definitely worth looking at.

If you do decide to play for money,you’ll get a deposit bonus if you enter in the code RECRUIT50.  You will receive an additional 50% on top of what you deposit,up to $150.  The cash will be released at a high rate as you participate in cash leagues.

If you’re going to sign up,support this blog and do it through me please!

Here’s the link

If you decide to browse around the site before registering,make sure to enter my referral code so Mark knows it was me that referred you. My code is:9D4E268


Someone I have the pleasure of knowing personally created a new website,and it’s called

The site is a pretty simple idea,but it sounds like it will be quite complex on the back-end. It’s powered by the same technology as Wikipedia,and the site aims to be a comprehensive ever-growing legal tool for lawyers and lay people. The idea is that lawyers and legal academics will add legal information to be used by,well,lawyers and legal academics,but also your average Joe looking to learn a thing or two about the law.

I don’t know if it will take off but if it does and there ends up being a lot of content on it,then I’ll definitely use it when I need to look up something legal related.